Our Service

Professional's Solidarity Forum, in order to achieve its mission has categorized its services under six areas, which are Job Assistance & Career Guidance, Intellectual Activism, Service to Professionals, Service to Society, Constructive Arts and Mentoring Startup Initiatives

Job Assistance & Career Guidance

Career guidance workshops for college students and unemployed youth to choose the right career. We also provide job assistance which includes conducting job fairs and providing soft skills and technical trainings.

Social Media & Intellectual Activism

Social media and all other forms of media activism to reflect the stand of PSF on national and international issues. PSF intends to promote rich conversations about education, activism, and current political trends.

Service to Professionals

Serving the professionals by setting up hostel for working professional men / women hostels and through activities such as workshops and seminars. Moral and ethical training sessions for working professionals.

Service to Society

Social Service activities for the community in the fields of but not restricted to education, livelihood and healthcare. Create awareness on importance of philanthropy, community service, humanitarian activities among professionals.

Constructive Arts

Talent identification and promotion among professionals by engaging them in constructive and alternate arts. Cultural activism like poetry, cartoon making, documentary & film making and other cultural products to promote social change.

Mentoring Startup Initiatives

The value of succesful mentorship for startups cannot be undermined. PSF boasts of a team who have already achieved success in the tech industry and can mentor younger tech startups to outperform their peers.