Professional Summit 2023

Who We Are?

A registered organization called the Professionals Solidarity Forum (PSF) was established with the intention of improving and fostering the lives of professionals in Hyderabad. PSF offers the tools and resources needed to help professionals overcome this difficulty and attain professional well-being while struggling to adapt to the fast-paced and dynamic environment. Through networking possibilities, social gatherings, cutting-edge, top-notch training programs, mentoring opportunities, and summits, it fosters strong collaborations. 

By instilling a strong commitment to professional integrity, community service, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion while encouraging and developing meaningful and long-term relationships, PSF’s quality programmes, trainings, and professional services enable people to connect.

How PSF INDIA Started?

From its humble beginnings as a professional forum, PSF has intended to develop into one of the city’s most rapidly expanding professional networking groups. Professionals from a wide range of fields, including architects, accountants, artists, bloggers, chefs, consultants, designers, engineers, educators, business owners, economists, free-lancers, graphic designers, journalists, pharmacists, photographers, scientists, software developers, social service workers, and technologists, to name a few, are now connected for the holistic development of both the individual and the larger community. 

By offering a platform and creating intelligent solutions for the professionals that strengthen and maximize their skills and talent for personalized solutions given immediately to the beneficiaries of our Sphere of Activities, we establish a legendary reputation.

Professionals congregate at PSF today to simplify networking, eliminate waste, and develop solutions that provide better long-term value. We act in this manner because those who work in the field can recognize their own best qualities.

How PSF INDIA can help you?·

 we provide a perfect platform for networking with other professionals and personal branding 

We strongly believe in continuous learning and inculcate a growth mindset through various programs designed for a professional’s holistic development

Besides self-development, we give back to society with our time and commitment.

If you have the desire to grow and uplift the society, then you are at the right place. working together we can bring hope and smiles to those less fortunate and lead them into a new era of hope and progress.

We offer the freedom to select projects and activities based on the skills and time that are available. We are looking for experts who are willing to volunteer and impart their knowledge, wisdom, experience, and abilities in order to better oneself and the community as a whole.

What We Do?

Personal Enablement Program

We focus on the overall development of our members’ personalities through the PEP (Personal Enablement Program) vertical of PSF. This comprehensive program covers different dimensions of wellness that include weekly sports activities (physical wellness), family programs (social, emotional wellness), financial literacy updates (financial wellness), weekly connects through our PSF Express Club (which provides a tracking system to achieve your individual, professional and family goals) etc.

Continuous Professionals Development Program

Our goal is to promote a culture of continuous learning & development and help professionals who are willing to learn and grow. We facilitate professional mentorship connections for our members, and through CPDP we make learning easy.

Skills Academy

We are addressing an ongoing problem on a global scale caused by a severe shortage of trained workers across numerous industries through this non-profit initiative of the PSF. We intend to close that gap by offering high-quality training in a variety of subjects, and engaging professionals who are specialists in their industries through the PSF Skills Academy. By giving job seekers specialized training that encompasses subject knowledge, personality development, and real-world hands-on experience, we hope to prepare them for the industry.

Social Service

We provide a platform for professionals where they can contribute to society, we contribute our time skills and time for the upliftment of society and nation building as a whole. We ensure our engagement in situations of crises. 

 Through youth talk programs, we are impacting the lives of youth by being their friends, with the aim of restoring morality to society at an early age. 

Job and Career Guidance -JCG

We groom job seekers and unemployed youth, through our flagship employment readiness program, we aim to gather all HR professionals under one shade with our recruiters connect program, and our job drives are planned with a proper orientation of applicants. 

How can you Contribute?


Participate in our ongoing Programs·
Support us by conducting various activities


Sponsor our Programs and Activities


Give a helping hand by funding our Projects Provide services/ infrastructure for our Projects

Awards and Recognition